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Introducing the Electric Cigarette

What is the Electric Cigarette?

The electric cigarette is a revolutionary product that allows you to smoke a cigarette that is free of tar, carbon monoxide and many of the chemicals found in a real cigarette.

It is the first product of its kind that allows you to continue “smoking” without inhaling tar, chemicals or any real smoke. Yet, electric cigarettes look, taste, and feel just like a cigarette. You will only inhale a water vapor that dissipates in seconds.


How does the Electric Cigarette work?

E cigarettes each contain an atomizer, a battery and a cartridge filled with liquid nicotine. Once you inhale, the heating element is triggered, creating a liquid nicotine vapor. The battery is rechargeable, giving you a full day of use per charge, depending on your smoking style. Each cartridge provides the equivalent of 10 – 30 cigarettes depending on the model.


How do you use the Electric Cigarette?

The electronic cigarette starter kit comes with ecigs, a charger, and a charger cord. The electronic cigarette is made up of two parts. The shorter part, which is the filter in a regular cigarette, contains the atomizer and cartridge. This part is filled with liquid nicotine.The atomizer screws on to the longer part of the e cigarette. The long part of the electronic cigarette contains a rechargeable battery.

Place the short end of the ecig in your mouth as you normally would with a regular cigarette. When you inhale, nicotine vapor is released. The end of the electronic cigarette will light up just like a regular cigarette. Depending on your smoking habits, one charge should last you all day. Heavy smokers will need 2 batteries to go throughout a full day. Each cartridge is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. When there is no more vapor released, it is time to switch the cartridge. Once you own the ecig starter kit, you only need to replace the cartridges. Cartridges are available in multiple flavors and varying strengths. Your usage will depend on what type of smoker you are. If you smoke light cigarettes, then the cartridges with lower nicotine levels are appropriate for you. You can also purchase a variety of different styles and colors, as well as a car charger, for your convenience. Each cartridge contains nicotine and a blend of natural ingredients available in food and beauty products.

Everything about the electronic cigarette design was created to replicate the taste, feel and effect of regular cigarettes.


The Numerous Benefits of Smoking the Electric Cigarette:

The electric cigarette is completely odorless, allowing you to enjoy your smoking experience without the odor on you, your breath, your clothing, and bothering the people around you. In fact, because electric cigarettes do not emit real smoke, now you can “smoke” in all the places where cigarettes are banned such airports, offices, bars, restaurants. One of the many benefits of smoking an e cigarette is that it won’t stain your teeth the way tobacco does. Nor will you need to spend money whitening your teeth. In addition to major health risks caused by regular cigarettes, they are also the leading cause of house fires. The electronic cigarette is safe to smoke anywhere and you will never run the risk of falling asleep and causing a fire. Nor will you burn yourself lighting them. No matches or lighters are needed to ignite them, making them safer to handle

Enjoy a Significant Savings:

The price of cigarettes continues to rise. In some areas, one pack is $10. Electronic cigarettes offer up to an 80% savings from regular cigarettes. If you smoke a pack a day, you’ll save $150/month. In one year’s time, you’ll save $1,800. Plus, you won’t have to spend money on lighters since the ecig is self-sufficient.


Fire – The leading cause of home fires is, without a doubt, smoking. This destruction, devastation and deaths are completely preventable, but year after year, smokers continue to fall asleep smoking or carelessly ignite flammable materials with dropped embers.

Destruction of Property – Smoking and driving go hand in hand. What smoker hasn’t dropped ashes somewhere in the car and created a permanent hole? There’s never a risk involved when using the electronic cigarette. Although it lights up at the tip when smoking, it’s all for show. No flame or ember is ever involved, completely eliminating any chance of burning your car, your hair, or your clothing.

Burns – When you’re forced to smoke outside in public places, often times you’re challenged to light your cigarette when contending with the wind blowing. The wind fiercely blows the flame of your match or lighter, frequently causing burns on your fingers. What smokers haven’t accidentally singed themselves at some point? You’ll never need matches or a lighter again when you smoke the electronic cigarette, because they aren’t necessary to smoke.

Social Acceptance:

In the early 1990s, smokers began to lose their privileges to smoke in public areas. First, they were required to smoke in designed, aerated areas. Then, they were banned from public places such as restaurants and offices. Smokers were even chased away from the front of public buildings, even though they were smoking outside. Over time, smokers have become the outcast group and blamed for exposing others to dangerous chemicals.

Not only do smokers endanger their own health; they are forced to smoke outside in cold weather and subject to employers’ policies regarding smoking. Being a smoker becomes a very inconvenient habit in most work places. Outside of satisfying a craving, there just are no benefits to smoking in any way, shape or form.

The electronic cigarette is not a publicly banned product because it does not emit real smoke. You can smoke where you’ll never be able to smoke again without ever offending anyone - in airports, offices, restaurants, bars, stores, and more.


For as long as you’ve been a smoker, you’ve been polluting the environment. Now, more than ever, environmentally conscious people want to do everything they can to go “green.” Cigarette filters are not biodegradable, polluting the ground they lay on. Smokers drop their cigarettes everywhere they go, filthying their surroundings. The e cigarette is a completely green product. Since they are reusable, there is no waste. While you’re taking better care of yourself, you’re also taking better care of the environment around you.

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